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With Facebook approaching 600 million users as we ring in the new year, you would have to be crazy not to have a Facebook Page for your business. There’s a good chance that a lot of your current customers are already on Facebook, and they would be happy to not only connect with you there, but also share & recommend your business to their friends. And of course, a referral is hands down the best form of advertisement you could receive.

But how do you connect with people on Facebook who are not currently customers?

There are a few ways, but one of the easiest to implement is to start a Facebook Ads Campaign. You can start with a very small budget, and you can target your ads to an extremely focused audience based on your ideal demographic. Here’s a few tips for designing your campaigns.

1. Create a List of Attributes Describing Your Ideal Customers

Since Facebook ads can be so focused on a specific market, make sure you know exactly who this market is, then break that market down into smaller segments. From there you can create a series of different ads that show up for each specific segment.

2. Create Multiple Ads for Each Specific Group or Segment

Once you’ve broken down your target market into specific segments, don’t just create one ad for each segment, create multiple ads so that you can split test your ads to determine which one works best for each segment. Once you find the laggers, take them out and put in new ads to split test again. After a while you will have a fine-tuned ad campaign where you are getting the best bang for your buck.

3. Link Your Ads Directly to Your Facebook Page

OK, so you’ve crafted your ads campaign, but now where do you send people when they click on your ad? My best recommendation would be to keep people on Facebook rather than send them to an outside website. There’s far more value in having someone “like” your Facebook page than just showing them your website and hoping they bookmark it. If people “like” your page, you now have the ability to send them to your company website or blog whenever you want (with a status update), as long as they continue to “like” your page.

4. Design a Welcome Page with a Specific Message

When someone clicks on your ad, you don’t want to send them just anywhere on your page. You are paying good money to introduce people to your business, so make sure you look professional when doing so. This is also a great time to offer some sort of incentive or discount for liking your page & sharing it with friends. Here’s an example of a welcome page we designed for one of our clients…Bob Rebello

Remember, there can be a fairly steep learning curve with any form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, so expect to make a few mistakes and also spend a decent amount of money just learning the whole process. If you need help setting up your Facebook page and/or welcome page, visit our services page and look at our “Launch Packages.” You can also take advantage of our experience with Facebook Ads by signing up for any of our monthly management packages, where we include design on anywhere from 2 to an unlimited number of campaigns. We’ll take the guesswork out of the whole process by designing targeted campaigns for you, as well as manage your entire Social Media Strategy.

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